We get to another final year, a year to remember for all, we live where natural disasters and the remnants of the 2008 economic crisis that still haunts us all. It is worth mentioning that while we do not take the right measures of adjustment, our economy will suffer the difficulties posed by globalization. The said globalization was invented to expand markets and to circulate soon as money and goods, but those who ventured forgot that not all economies are alike, nor can be. Even in the unified Europe, we see countries with economies very different from the other, with many differences and inequalities, how to move money and products in a market as diverse? So different and yet with so many social misfits? But globalization is an undeniable fact that is already there and there's not much to do but to adjust to it. What we must learn is that everyone can have much to gain or lose much if we think individually in an increasingly unified world. The momentary success of some may be the failure of others in the future and the failure of all. We think that the economy as a whole, look at the inequalities of others as our own and our success as extending to others. The adjustments must be made together, that they make all the difference in the future and this future is better than or present.

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Before the U.S. account imbalances caused and exacerbated by the global financial crisis of 2008, we have a long-term trend in dollar depreciation. The United States failed to recover its economy from the financial crisis of 2008, moreover entered a recession with high unemployment and low economic level.
Now with the intention of increasing domestic consumption, the Fed has bought huge amounts of domestic debt securities considerably increasing the dumping of dollars into the economy.
The intention of the U.S. economic authorities is that the banks start to lend more money to people in order that they can go to consumption, but this measure is doubtful, since banks fear to lend money for fear of a similar default to the 2008 crisis, and banks are in need of money to cover its liabilities.
The measure will result in a huge transfer of money (U.S. dollars) for emerging markets, including Brazil, China and other countries in Asia and South America, this movement will cause the currencies of these countries are valued against the dollar, declining export capacity and increasing imports. Will also bring about imbalances in the trade balance and payments.
Movements everywhere have begun to occur, but believe it to be ineffective, the devaluation of the dollar will continue gradually over the years and will test the ability of these economies in dealing with a more volatile and unbalanced.
The imbalance is clear, labor more expensive, higher costs and therefore less expensive goods and export competitiveness. Will become an inevitable deindustrialization.
This whole scenario can be mitigated, but not without some adjustments and bitter medicines and unpopular.

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When I wrote about the financial crisis in 2009, said at the time that it was the mother of all crises. I explained that it was so named because it would generate other crises, sometimes specific, sometimes larger, some other off long term. Now we are facing another crisis, the exchange rate. This result from the more developed countries has failed to revive their economies from international financial crisis and is now looking for other markets using this recovery. The Fed's decision to inject U.S. $ 600 billion into the economy points in this direction. All this money will not be in the U.S. market, nor serve to warm the U.S. economy, but will move to emerging markets that have more attractive interest rates and cause an imbalance there is in the economy of these countries. The goal of the Fed is devaluing the dollar, U.S. exports to gain momentum by generating jobs and reducing imports. Emerging countries are feeling threatened by these decisions, points to the policy of "save yourself if you can."
Decisions like these will happen with that protectionist measures in many countries, especially those that are supported by a model exporter. China also actively participates in this war because it keeps its currency pegged to the dollar, in order to artificially devalue it and not suffer from lower exports, but has taken measures to restrict the inflow of dollars into its market in order to there is no imbalance. Who has the U.S. dollar is looking for the most attractive markets as U.S. interest rates are at 0.25% per year, as well as in Japan and other rich countries, such capital is the home of 2 trillion U.S. dollars by migrating to the emerging and unbalancing the economies of those in another post I will talk about the future forecast of this overall picture.



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by: Rubens da Cunha Mariobo

There are two situations in a antagonistic economic moment with that we're seeing, moreover, with any other. Whenever you have a crisis in the economic field have also an opportunity. Now at this very moment in which we have crises in the economy of Greece and Goldman Sachs in the United States found declines in stock markets worldwide, as well as a strong rise in the dollar against other major currencies, specifically the euro and pound sterling . So what is the chance this time? No doubt that buying those currencies that are falling is a great deal. Why do not these crises crisis of confidence in the currencies mentioned, but merely on the market, namely confidence that the roles of companies that are in Greece or even those at Goldman Sachs, have a devaluation, so the normal trend of market in such cases is to run a safe option, which is the dollar. The EU will support Greece as well as the regulator of capital markets in the United States will possibly punish Goldman Sachs and in a few months these crises will pass. The natural consequence will be back to normal in quotations of the currencies against the dollar and thus a substantial gain for those who at that time to invest in currencies that are depreciating. Here's a hint of the Blog of Rubens. Keep watching the posts later with more tips economic
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