This Blog is not a health or varieties, but business, especially business on line, but,I can not omit or fail and to warn readers of this blog, about the overwhelming and deadly swine flu that now sweeps the country Especially the attitudes of the Lula government against the problem, which has been almost total failure, is interest and lack commitment and love for the people Brazil. With more than 75% approval rating is found in condition to do what they want and leave those who die have to die. Are currently more than a hundred families who are living the pain and nightmare of having a relative as the victim of this fatal flu, here is my affection and condolences to the families for the loss of their relatives, but also my serious protest against the government that turns its back on his people, when it most needs. What worries are statistics and projections for the future, totally dark and omitted government, with the excuse not to cause panic among the population, however, let them. It is estimated by the government that 168,000,000 (one hundred sixty eight million) of Brazilians will be affected by the swine flu, with a mortality rate that varies around 0.5% to 3.2% of those infected, this gives us an overview of the Nazi holocaust, that is, 840,000 (eight hundred and forty thousand) to 5,000,000 (five million) of Brazilian killed by the end of passage of the virus around the country, which is also estimated at six to eight months. The vaccine has already been announced, will come only in 2010, when the virus will have already completed their cycle trip to Brazil and done the damage are expected. The only known remedies are touted Tamiflu and Relenza, with prices exceeding the $ 100.00 (one hundred dollars) each box and not currently available in pharmacies. The leaders are not worried, because when you sneeze, just travel in jet particularly to hospitals Albert Eisnteim Syrian or Lebanese, both international reference that all the medical staff will be waiting to serve them promptly. And the middle class, the
employees and large the poor, unemployed or earning minimum wage, which you do? Only if you can, go to a screening station, wait for hours, do a test to after three days back and know the result .... but ... can not return .... will be being veiled in some street .... .... .... in a house in any city in the country.

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