This Monday, the markets dawned more aware of the crisis of Dubai and its
effects may influence the markets and future investments. The global financial crisis
still latent here and there come up with even a few isolated cases, banks or institutions financial need to adjust to the new reality. This is just an adjustment, is like playing a stone in a lake, the epicenter of the crisis was the United States, however, the latest waves are appearing in the Persian Gulf. Here, what is worth remembering that we can no longer overlook the finance, the world lives and survives confidence, this is the most coveted currency in the current context. The money should be well maintained, financial institutions should be less exposed possible markets hazardous, must constantly reassess their positions, their spray investments, placing them in various markets. The effect serves Dubai, so we have a mind always on the alert because an institution with more debt than the government itself makes it difficult to manage.

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