When I wrote about the financial crisis in 2009, said at the time that it was the mother of all crises. I explained that it was so named because it would generate other crises, sometimes specific, sometimes larger, some other off long term. Now we are facing another crisis, the exchange rate. This result from the more developed countries has failed to revive their economies from international financial crisis and is now looking for other markets using this recovery. The Fed's decision to inject U.S. $ 600 billion into the economy points in this direction. All this money will not be in the U.S. market, nor serve to warm the U.S. economy, but will move to emerging markets that have more attractive interest rates and cause an imbalance there is in the economy of these countries. The goal of the Fed is devaluing the dollar, U.S. exports to gain momentum by generating jobs and reducing imports. Emerging countries are feeling threatened by these decisions, points to the policy of "save yourself if you can."
Decisions like these will happen with that protectionist measures in many countries, especially those that are supported by a model exporter. China also actively participates in this war because it keeps its currency pegged to the dollar, in order to artificially devalue it and not suffer from lower exports, but has taken measures to restrict the inflow of dollars into its market in order to there is no imbalance. Who has the U.S. dollar is looking for the most attractive markets as U.S. interest rates are at 0.25% per year, as well as in Japan and other rich countries, such capital is the home of 2 trillion U.S. dollars by migrating to the emerging and unbalancing the economies of those in another post I will talk about the future forecast of this overall picture.

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