We get to another final year, a year to remember for all, we live where natural disasters and the remnants of the 2008 economic crisis that still haunts us all. It is worth mentioning that while we do not take the right measures of adjustment, our economy will suffer the difficulties posed by globalization. The said globalization was invented to expand markets and to circulate soon as money and goods, but those who ventured forgot that not all economies are alike, nor can be. Even in the unified Europe, we see countries with economies very different from the other, with many differences and inequalities, how to move money and products in a market as diverse? So different and yet with so many social misfits? But globalization is an undeniable fact that is already there and there's not much to do but to adjust to it. What we must learn is that everyone can have much to gain or lose much if we think individually in an increasingly unified world. The momentary success of some may be the failure of others in the future and the failure of all. We think that the economy as a whole, look at the inequalities of others as our own and our success as extending to others. The adjustments must be made together, that they make all the difference in the future and this future is better than or present.

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