The economic deterioration WORLD
Author: Rubens da Cunha Mariobo

In recent weeks we see an interesting move by the richest economies, to find solutions to the sectors affected by financial crisis and to the economies of countries as a whole.
The solutions distune the current scenario, both the shyness and consequent inefficiencies that are already taking, and by slow already advertising the four corners of the planet by several experts in the subject.
That, I believe, will be decisive for our future, the future of the economy and the future of countries.
The reasons are simple, clear and unambiguous, the accelerated deterioration of the economies of the major companies and therefore too small, will soon disappear large corporations, leading to empty.
Small also suffer, since many of them orbiting around the large.
So what to do? The answer is in government, it is repetitive, but true. Only governments may in time act to stop the crisis.
The sectors affected are in agony, they see their assets, their lives and their story soon disappear with amazing speed.
There are companies that have lost 100 billion dollars in shareholder value, shareholders simply is disposing of the shares, taking the stock value to almost zero, they are simply disappearing from night to day, is a question of time, in fact, of very little time.
The delay in the implementation of effective solutions, will make the process of deterioration becomes virtually irreversible. You can never play with time, it is a determining factor.
There is a saying that economic well-known saying, "is not the biggest wins that is the lesser, is the fastest that wins the slowest."
When it shortens the time for solving a problem, in fact it reduces the risk and injury, and makes recovery possible.
The aid of billions of dollars that governments are promising, has not appeared in some cases not be more precise, they broke.
With the continuity of this lethargy, another crisis will explode, it will be much more serious, is the crisis of the public sector.
There will be sharp in the collection and without the huge taxes they guess the big corporations, there will be unemployment in the public sector, lack of contracts, an increase of service in public sectors, in order to chaos is the chaos.
We will see the chaos in the provision of public services has already witnessed this day in queues of hospitals in the care of patients in corridors and in this time of great collections. How will in times of scarce revenues?
The time to act and is very fast, that the measures that may have some impact is delayed and will not result immediately. Should be measured in infrastructure and these take time to get started and a time for even greater return on investment.

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