by: Rubens da Cunha Mariobo

There are two situations in a antagonistic economic moment with that we're seeing, moreover, with any other. Whenever you have a crisis in the economic field have also an opportunity. Now at this very moment in which we have crises in the economy of Greece and Goldman Sachs in the United States found declines in stock markets worldwide, as well as a strong rise in the dollar against other major currencies, specifically the euro and pound sterling . So what is the chance this time? No doubt that buying those currencies that are falling is a great deal. Why do not these crises crisis of confidence in the currencies mentioned, but merely on the market, namely confidence that the roles of companies that are in Greece or even those at Goldman Sachs, have a devaluation, so the normal trend of market in such cases is to run a safe option, which is the dollar. The EU will support Greece as well as the regulator of capital markets in the United States will possibly punish Goldman Sachs and in a few months these crises will pass. The natural consequence will be back to normal in quotations of the currencies against the dollar and thus a substantial gain for those who at that time to invest in currencies that are depreciating. Here's a hint of the Blog of Rubens. Keep watching the posts later with more tips economic

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