Throughout the year 2009, we constantly hear phrases like these: "The year 2009 is lost" or "a year to forget" all due to the crisis in the global economy in 2008 and other specific crises that occurred during 2009 . But we got to the end of this conclusion and that has is that it was a lost year, but the lessons and adjustments by all, market, business, industries and even governments. The latter that most concerns. Markets (the capital) have taken precautions and reflected the scarcity of credit, but leave strengthened, because as companies are restructured during the crisis, it now reflects the results of that restructuring. In the foreign exchange market, we saw the strengthening of the dollar lately, against other currencies, both the euro and the real and other currencies. I will not discuss this subject here, because it will be the subject of the next posting will be missed, will address the currency market and the profits they could generate for companies and individuals who are seeking applications for the year 2010, it is worth remembering which is a market that moves more than 2 trillion dollars a day. Further analysis of 2009 to 2010 is concerned with public spending, governments in 2008/2009 had to inject money into the market, large firms and to provide credit to all in order to soften the effects of international financial crisis, this has created huge deficits in public accounts, on the other hand had to live with a sharp drop in tax revenue arising from the economic downturn, it added to the drop in exports due to the decrease of foreign trade. All these factors have led governments to possess deficits. With the gradual warming in business and economic growth, which is feared is the return of inflation by strengthening the dollar, the product called "commodity", ie those products traded on commodity futures and commodities, which has its price fixed by international price in U.S. dollars. Governments are still spending, public works initiated during the crisis and to mitigate its effects, can not undergo any change of continuity is thus established a delicate situation that should be well managed, at the risk of returning inflation to the fiscal imbalance . The measures to be taken are already known, namely, fiscal austerity, cuts unnecessary spending, and tightening the surveillance.

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