We are witnessing right now a turning point in reading books in the world, the books of paper with hard cover are being replaced by modern and practical electronic readers, an example of this change in publishing is the Kindle of, with a high-tech and high level he overcomes the sale of conventional hardcover books and stands by to provide readers with an excellent image viewing, even if the reading is made to sunlight, and the ability to store thousands of books and can be transported anywhere with ease and practicality.
The also reports that the Kindle has five-star rating, books and products sold by the company. The ease of using the Kindle is that the reader can purchase electronic books at prices really amazing on the site of and download them to the Kindle, besides the site itself has thousands of books that are public domain and can be downloaded for free. The developer of the e-reader said international sales of the Kindle version with lower price for the month of August. Prices are $ 139 (WI-FI version) $ 189 (3G version WI-FI)prices are really devastating considering the economy and convenience of electronic book reader, it also noted that new readers are 21 % smaller, 15% lighter, with double the memory capacity, which gives the ability to store more books.
The e-Reader features 50% better image contrast than any or e-Reader, which can be read in sunlight with no glare or reflection which may blur the reading, maintaining sharpness, so good to be taken to the beach or outdoor places such as forests and public places where you can make a nice and quiet reading. It really is worth giving this revolutionary e-Reader with other best instructions through the Blog of Rubens, or even the actual site of Bring in the next article every detail for maximum use of e-Reader, there.

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